Thread Lift in Torrance, CA

Thread Lift in Torrance, CA

Thread Lift in Torrance, CA

A Thread Lift, commonly referred to as a PDO (Polydioxanone) Thread Lift, is a groundbreaking, minimally invasive procedure designed to rejuvenate and lift sagging skin without the need for surgery. By utilizing biocompatible PDO threads, which are carefully inserted beneath the skin’s surface, the treatment stimulates collagen production, providing an immediate lifting effect. At Idunn Clinic in Torrance, CA, we specialize in Thread Lift procedures, targeting areas such as the face, neck, jowls, and eyebrows. It’s an ideal treatment for individuals noticing the early signs of aging or those desiring a refreshed and youthful appearance without undergoing a surgical facelift. Results are visible directly after the procedure, with optimal effects lasting up to 18 months or longer. Experience the benefits of a Thread Lift in Torrance, CA, and book your appointment online at Idunn Clinic today!

Thread lift procedure works in two ways. By threading thin close to the skin on forehead, under eyes, neck and around the mouth, micro-injury to skin stimulates collagen production which in turn results in skin tightening and filling of hollows. Invisible threads that get inserted deeper into the skin work by “barbs” grabbing onto skin and underlying tissue and muscles as the thread is pulled tight. Then, there is a healing response that stimulates collagen production under the skin which in turn fills gaps in sagging skin and restore a youthful appearance to your face.

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A Thread Lift, commonly known as a PDO (Polydioxanone) Thread Lift, is a cutting-edge, non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure specifically designed to lift, tighten, and restore the skin’s natural contour. The treatment offers an immediate lifting effect by utilizing fine, absorbable PDO threads strategically placed beneath the skin’s surface. It stimulates the body’s collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity and texture over time. Unlike traditional surgical facelifts, a Thread Lift requires no incisions, ensuring minimal scarring and downtime. The procedure effectively addresses early signs of aging, such as sagging cheeks, jowls, and drooping eyebrows, resulting in a refreshed and youthful appearance.

The results of a Thread Lift may last up to 18 months or longer, depending on individual factors and aftercare.

Most patients experience minimal downtime, with some mild swelling or bruising that usually resolves within a few days.

Initial lifting effects are visible immediately after the treatment, with continued improvement as collagen production is stimulated over the following weeks.

Local anesthesia is used to ensure patient comfort, making the procedure virtually painless.

Yes, the PDO threads are biocompatible and have been safely used in medical procedures for several years.